Core Values

What We Care About
The following core values reflect what is important to us and guides our choices in our consulting relationships: 

Our best work is done through collaboration with clients who share our interest in innovation, creativity and results. We listen to clients to understand their unique needs and long term aspirations to collaboratively craft and implement a solution that best fits their needs.

Long term relationships with our clients
Our client relationships are based on trust, honesty and a dedication to dramatically improve performance and results. We value enduring relationships, as most of our client engagements continue for many years.

Strength-based positive change
We believe that every organization has unique talents that can be leveraged into competitive strengths. Our consulting helps identify each company’s unique strengths as a launching point for developing an inspiring vision for innovation and growth. We engage the entire organization to create long-term solutions that are internally aligned, results-driven and sustainable.

Give back to the community
Over the years John Kinsella has donated 15-20% of his time to actively participate in non-profit work in the community. Recent collaborations include the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, a leading non-profit committed to creating a sustainable food system. John also launched and directed the Petaluma Community Garden Association, a non-profit organization collaborating with the City of Petaluma, California to launch and sustain organic community gardens on open public land.

Our solutions are most effective then they provide a triple bottom line improvement: to benefit the financial, community and environmental needs of our clients. We aspire to and achieve these goals by leveraging our three decades of management experience, commitment to sustainability and ability to facilitate positive organizational change.